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English toastmaster assisting a bride from a horse drawn carraige

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English toastmaster Richard Palmer pouring champagne for the bride and bridegroom outside Great Baddow Church, Essex UK

English Toastmaster pouring champagne for

the Bride and Groom at Great Baddow Church, Essex.

Photograph courtesy of Essex wedding photographer

David Court www.courtoncamera.co.uk



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Welcome to The English

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What is a toastmaster?

A Toastmaster is often regarded as a guardian of etiquette and is a long-standing tradition at most royal and formal social events, including weddings. Toastmasters traditionally wear a grand red tailcoat with all the trimmings, which will bring a presence and formality to your day.Your toastmaster will ensure the smooth running of your day in a professional and friendly manner.

How could a wedding toastmaster enhance your day?

On what is almost certainly one of the most precious days of your lives, your wedding day, your toastmaster will bring you peace of mind.

Your wedding toastmaster will ensure the smooth running order of your day in a discreet and positive manner, making sure you and your guests are relaxed and enjoying your day. Toastmasters who are members of The English Toastmasters Association are here for you.We are here to listen to what you want and to find out how you would like us to deliver our services for you.Your needs and requirements are paramount.

Your wedding toastmaster is there to offer you advice and support before and during your day, and will make sure every eventuality is covered.Your toastmaster’s duties are far from just announcements and your toastmaster can offer you a wealth of experience in every aspect of your day from meeting and greeting your wedding guests, to getting your guest book signed! All the important small details that make such a huge difference to your day are taken care of.Your toastmaster will take care of you and give you more time to relax, enjoy yourselves and have fun!!

English toastmaster assisting a bride with her wedding dress


What the English Toastmasters Association can do for you

The English Toastmasters Association is dedicated to offering the highest possible standard of service to our clients. Our carefully trained toastmasters are given ongoing support and advice, and are inspired to continually give their clients the best possible service. Our members believe that their client’s needs are paramount and understand the importance of listening to what you want and not telling you what we think you should have.

You will find our members are passionate about the services that they will offer you.  You should expect care and attention to detail from each one of our members.You will get a higher level of personalised and caring service to make sure that you feel pampered on your special day. We are all trained to the very highest standards of care for you.  Our services are very much more than the old fashioned toastmaster.

Therefore when you are choosing your wedding Toastmaster, who is a member of the English Toastmasters Association, you are choosing a toastmaster from an organisation whose members subscribe to a strict code of ethics, as well as an association who regularly monitor their members performance. All this to ensure that you are at all times being offered only the best. The English Toastmasters Association can offer you top class service from our members who are professional toastmasters, covering the length and breadth of the country and prepared to travel anywhere in the world. All of whom offer a wide variety of experience and expertise.


English Toastmaster assisting Essex wedding photographer, picking up the bridemaids posie    English toastmaster assisting a bride with her wedding breakfast

 Photograph on the left is Courtesy of David Court - www.courtoncamera.co.uk

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Why choose your wedding toastmaster from The English Toastmasters Association?

Add a touch of class and sophistication to your occasion, a toastmaster will add flair and splendour to your day as well as ensuring all of your needs and requirements are taken care of.

A toastmaster has been a long standing tradition at formal and royal functions for hundreds of years and today a toastmaster is distinctively recognisable by their bright red tailcoat.

You will find our members are passionate about the services that they will offer you. You should expect care and absolute attention to detail from each one of our members.  You will receive only the highest level of personalised and caring service. All our member toastmasters are trained to the very highest standards of care for you.

English Toastmaster announces the bride and bridegroom into their wedding breakfast

Photograph Courtesy of www.courtoncamera.co.uk

Our toastmasters are extremely client focused, which means that you will get exceptional service from people that care about what you want.  Our training and code of ethics is designed to make sure that you can trust our members to deliver quality from your very first meeting and throughout your event, in the style and way that you want, and with confidence

English toastmaster assisting a bride with her wedding dress

How a Toastmaster could help you on your special day..


For your wedding ceremony or service

Attending the venue where your wedding ceremony is being held, even if this is a different venue to where your reception is being held.

Arriving early to liaise with your venue, (before your wedding party and guests arrive) and to make sure that all of your wishes have been realised and that everything is in order.

Helping your photographer and videographer throughout the day as and when needed. This generally also means making sure that your photographer and videographer know what is going to happen so that they are in the right places before anything starts and ensuring that they capture every facet of your day perfectly.

Greeting your wedding party and guests and making them feel welcome and comfortable.

Essex toastmaster assisting wedding guests with button holes


Helping with any details of final dress, which may include tying ties and or cravats and putting on buttonholes and corsages.



Putting your wedding party and guests at ease and to helping to calm any last minute nerves.

Dealing with cards and presents as they arrive and letting your guests know if you have special arrangements for them.

Making sure that the bridegroom is in all the right places at the right times and that your guests are also looked after and know what is happening and where they need to be.

Essex wedding toastmaster Richard Palmer assisting wedding guests into church


Acting as an escort when appropriate.

Above all making sure that when you arrive, you are greeted and made to feel comfortable and reassured.



At your wedding reception

Helping with bouquets, flowers, bride’s dress and anything else that needs attention.

Generally help by moving your wedding party and guests into the right places at the right times for photographs, wedding breakfast, entertainment or other events.

Looking after any guests with special needs whether it’s an elderly guest or those with mobility problems.

Making sure that you have drinks and canapés at appropriate times and looking after you both when you are  having your photographs taken.

Making sure that all your needs are catered for and that you are comfortable at all times.

Organising your receiving line so that everyone is in the right place at the right time without being made to feel rushed or pressured.

Making appropriate announcements as and when necessary.

English toastmaster announcing the wedding speeches

Announcing the bride and bridegroom into the room for your wedding breakfast. 

Making sure that your guest book is signed by all of your guests.

Helping with the arrangements for your meal, if you are having a buffet and need your guests to go to the table in a particular order.

Carrying your food from the buffet, so that you are treated specially, and so that no food will get on your wedding dress.

Checking that the gifts and flowers to be given out during your speeches, are in the right place for you.

Announcing your speakers in the agreed order.

Making sure that if a public address system is being used, it is working and ready for use and that the speakers are comfortable with how it works.

Announcing and organising the cutting of the wedding cake.

Making sure that you are announced out of your banqueting room in the way that best suits you, if your room is being turned round for your evening function or if you are moving to another location for your evening party.

Announce your first dance, or organise your guests for your evening fireworks, he would be pleased to do so, but depending on timings, this may be at an additional cost.

bride and bridegroom take their first dance

Our toastmasters are pleased to do all that they can to make sure that you get an absolutely amazing and memorable day.


































































































































































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